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The Top 6 Reasons You Need Chub Rub

  Chub rub, road rash, thigh thunder — whatever you call it, the chafing and irritation caused by your thighs rubbing together is absolutely no fun. This unpleasant and embarrassing condition can quickly ruin a family outing or special event and can make even the most memorable moments feel miserable. While inner thighs are among the most notorious offenders, chafing can happen anywhere, such as under breasts and in armpits. For years, women have tried to combat the chafe by using greasy petroleum jelly or messy deodorants. Fortunately, there is finally a reliable solution to this all-too-common problem, available in a convenient anti-chafe stick. What Is the Chub Rub Anti-Chafe Stick? This game-changing solution to chafed thighs and raw armpits...

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