Chub Rub in the Winter? Make It Stop!

Although we usually think of chafing and chub rub as summer issues, they happen year-round. After all, shorts, dresses and swimsuits provide easy ways for thighs to rub together and cause painful thigh burn. But even as temperatures drop and we pile on the layers, chub rub continues throughout the winter season.

Keep your skin hydrated all winter long with the help of Zone Naturals' Chub Rub Formula. Crafted with nourishing ingredients like organic coconut oil, aloe and shea butter, your skin will drink it up and your thighs will thank you later!

By creating a preventive barrier on your skin, thighs smoothly glide against fabric instead of rubbing -- even when you're wearing denim or snow gear. It's just one more way Chub Rub Formula makes our everyday lives a little more comfortable, every season.