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Beat the Chafe: How To Prevent Chafing When Working Out

  If you're a woman who has to deal with chafing, we understand your pain. Chafing can happen anywhere but commonly occurs on your inner thighs and under the breasts and arms. When you chafe, your skin gets painful and red and may even bleed or blister. When you work up a sweat walking and running, the moisture combined with the repetitive rubbing causes painful friction. As your sweat evaporates, the salt crystals can cause more grit. Why Do We Chafe? Chafing occurs due to friction and moisture. Any rubbing against your skin can cause it to turn red, sting or burn. In mild cases, a rash may occur, or you may suffer swelling and bleeding in more severe cases....

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The Top 6 Reasons You Need Chub Rub

  Chub rub, road rash, thigh thunder — whatever you call it, the chafing and irritation caused by your thighs rubbing together is absolutely no fun. This unpleasant and embarrassing condition can quickly ruin a family outing or special event and can make even the most memorable moments feel miserable. While inner thighs are among the most notorious offenders, chafing can happen anywhere, such as under breasts and in armpits. For years, women have tried to combat the chafe by using greasy petroleum jelly or messy deodorants. Fortunately, there is finally a reliable solution to this all-too-common problem, available in a convenient anti-chafe stick. What Is the Chub Rub Anti-Chafe Stick? This game-changing solution to chafed thighs and raw armpits...

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5 Ways Families Are Using PTPA Winner Chub Rub Formula

Earlier this week, we announced that Zone Naturals’ Chub Rub Formula was awarded the Parent Tested, Parent Approved badge from the PTPA community. Now, we want to share with you five ways that families use our award-winning Chub Rub Formula in their everyday lives. 1. Use to prevent chafing when playing outdoors at any time of year. Although we tend to think of sweating and chafing in the summertime, the truth is, chafing can happen year-round. Lots of fabrics have a tendency to rub, tug or itch in ways that can make our kiddos uncomfortable. So, whether you’re suiting up in chambray and denim for fun in the sun or slipping on a bulky snowsuit to play in the snow,...

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