Taking Care of Employees During the COVID 19 Pandemic - Beauty Independent

Zone Naturals CEO, Joe Freeman, was interviewed along with many other leading Indie Beauty Brands on how they are taking care of their employees during these uncertain times and how the pandemic is impacting companies. Keeping team members safe and maintaining a strong and caring culture are important to the team at Zone Naturals.

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The Zone Naturals Story Highlighted by Indie Beauty Outlet: Beauty Independent

"I want to be the Burt's Bees of the plus size community." It's a bold statement, and one that our CEO, Joe Freeman, stands by. When we set out to create Zone Naturals – a size inclusive skincare brand for everybody – we had long-term goals in mind. Last May, we launched our all-natural, everyday anti-chafing stick, Chub Rub Formula to a great reception from our loyal following. Since then, we've brought an active-geared version, a blister prevention product and a bust/bra irritation solution to market. And we're just getting started. Interested in hearing about where Zone Naturals is headed next? Click here for an up-close look at where we started, where we've been and where we're going in this thorough...

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3 Realistic, Healthy Habits To Aid With Successful New Year's Resolutions

Now’s the Time: 3 Realistic, Healthy Habits To Aid With Successful New Year’s Resolutions On average, studies show that it takes about 66 days for a new habit to become ingrained as routine. That said, January 17th has grimly been marked the day that most people – as many as 60 percent – give up on their New Year’s resolutions and slip back into their old ways. For some, resolutions aren’t planned out enough, so they’re not set up for success from the beginning. Others have trouble getting on track again after a hurdle, like muscle strain, presents itself. With a majority of New Year’s resolutions centered on getting active, losing weight or some combination of the two, there are some simple...

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