Tips for Plus Size Running 🏃‍♀️ by @thighsandlows

1. Anyone can run no matter how much they weigh. 
2. Set a goal. Make it easily attainable. Listen to your body for cues on when to stop and rest and when to push forward. 
3. Take it slow. Start with walking long distance to get your body used to moving. Then, move up to a gentle jog until you feel ready to speed up. 
4. Get a good playlist or podcast on to motivate you to keep going. DM me for suggestions. I have plenty of them! (@thighsandlows)
5. Use your phone or watch to track your time and distance. 
6. Prep well by stretching and drinking plenty of water before you head out. I use @zonenaturals Chub Rub on every run so I don’t have to worry about pain or discomfort. It’s super affordable and worth every penny.
Bonus: Be proud of yourself no matter how far you get. Movement is worth celebrating. It’s a great form of self care. 💕