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Beat the Chafe: How To Prevent Chafing When Working Out

  If you're a woman who has to deal with chafing, we understand your pain. Chafing can happen anywhere but commonly occurs on your inner thighs and under the breasts and arms. When you chafe, your skin gets painful and red and may even bleed or blister. When you work up a sweat walking and running, the moisture combined with the repetitive rubbing causes painful friction. As your sweat evaporates, the salt crystals can cause more grit. Why Do We Chafe? Chafing occurs due to friction and moisture. Any rubbing against your skin can cause it to turn red, sting or burn. In mild cases, a rash may occur, or you may suffer swelling and bleeding in more severe cases....

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Zone Naturals - 2021 FFIA Award Winner!

The Zone Naturals team was excited to learn that we are being honored by the Full Figured Industry Awards as the “Entrepreneurial Honoree” for the work we have done on creating products that benefit the plus community. Thank you Tawana Blassingame and FFIA team for this great honor. For years our team has worked to create unique and valuable products for people of all sizes and we are humbled for being recognized for the team efforts.Our flagship product Chub Rub is growing in the market rapidly and we appreciate the support and encouragement by industry veterans and experts like Tawana and her team. Our mission is to make EveryBODY Feel Better and we appreciate the support for Chub Rub and all...

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How YesLouisville Contributor Danée Miller Cruises Along Chub Rub-free

Brrrrr! With the lows in Louisville dropping down to the 30s, right now is sounding like the perfect time to escape to the Caribbean on a cruise. And that’s exactly what Yes Louisville contributor, Danée Miller, did as our winner of The Curvy Fashionista TCF Cruise Giveaway! For those wondering how to prevent chub rub on a cruise or vacation, our Chub Rub Formula can stand up to the heat and humidity, providing long-lasting relief from chafing.   Read the full article to see how Miller enjoyed dance parties, swimming, shopping and all sorts of walking on her cruise with the help of Zone Naturals Chub Rub Formula.

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