The brand-new Zone Naturals brand and its signature product, Chub Rub® Formula, will be featured live at The Plus Strut™ 5K in Atlanta.

LENEXA, KS – April 30, 2019 – This month, PlusZone, the first brand to make a skin protectant specially dedicated to the plus size community, announces the debut of its all-natural product line: Zone Naturals. Inspired by direct feedback from the plus size community, Zone Naturals brings a starting lineup of three products designed to help every body feel better. Priced $XXXX-$XXXX  and available on and, the Zone Naturals line of friction prevention products fuses the brand’s proven approach to skin irritation solutions with their longstanding commitment to plus size community-driven conversations.

“When we opened up conversations with the plus community about chafing and chub rub two years ago, practically no one wanted to talk about it. People were embarrassed to talk about it.” CEO/Founder of Zone Naturals, Joe Freeman recalls. “We’re thrilled to see how the conversation has evolved since then. For the last couple of years, Plus Zone has proudly supported the plus community at events, conventions and celebrations of all sizes and we’ve been amazed to see first-hand as chub rub went from a taboo topic of conversation to where it is today.”

“Throughout these discussions, we’ve formed open communications with some of the community’s strongest thought leaders, who have been transparent and honest with us about plus size people’s desires for high-quality skin products that solve real-world problems like chafing.” Freeman continues, “The Zone Naturals brand was tested by these same influencers, and formed from an incredible range of honest discussions, feedback and recommendations from trusted voices in the plus space. We can’t wait to see all of the adventures our products will join in on this spring and summer, from festivals to beach trips to everyday activities. We’re just so proud to be helping our friends in the plus community and beyond to live their best, friction-free lives.”

Introducing Chub Rub® Formula

Chub Rub® Formula, an all-natural formulation of the fan favorite ChafeZone for Chub Rub®, is the signature anti-chafe product of the Zone Naturals line, and it’s easy to see why – it’s full of pure goodness. Coconut Oil lends skin-protecting hydration and helps to even out skin tone, in addition to offering anti-inflammatory properties. Moisturizing Shea Butter protects the skin’s natural oils and Aloe Vera brings soothing, healing relief. Rounding out the star-studded ingredient list is Vitamin E, which acts as a moisturizer, while also assisting in diminishing scarring from past chafing. Combined with a number of other key ingredients to produce a long-lasting, grease-free, rich blend, this anti-friction stick feels as good as it performs.

The Chub Rub® Formula name was derived from years of conversations within the plus size community, centered around a body positive message. Zone Naturals – a brand founded on transparency in its ingredients, actions and messaging – believes in a “call it as you see it” approach. Since the plus size community has lovingly embraced the term Chub Rub® and uses it to define skin chafing irritations, especially between the thighs, it was a clear decision for Zone Naturals to name their product after the widely-used term. Freeman is straightforward in his reasoning: “We are bringing this product to market, and our top priority is that any person can walk by Chub Rub® Formula and instantly know that it’s an anti-chafe stick. That’s how we help the most people feel better. Throughout our close partnership with the plus community over the years, we’ve helped spark the conversation around chub rub, chafing, whatever you like to call it. Now, we’re determined to continue the conversation because there are still people out there who don’t know a product like this exists. And we want to help them feel better.”

Beginning with Chub Rub® Formula followed by Friction Formula and Blister Formula, stay on the lookout as Zone Naturals expands its family of products throughout 2019 to include self-care focused bath and body offerings.

In celebration of the initial Chub Rub® Formula launch, Zone Naturals has partnered with The Plus Strut™ 5K, a body positive running event to be held on May 4th, 2019 in Atlanta. The product will be introduced to hundreds  of plus size people during the running event with a specially-curated brunch to follow. Zone Naturals brand ambassador and founder of The Plus Strut™, Joy Tribble, eagerly anticipates unveiling the new friction-free formula to attendees.

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