How to Wear Dresses without Chub Rub

As the weather heats up, it’s the perfect time to start bringing out our favorite skirts and dresses. But with the heat comes sweat, and thigh sweat leads to chub rub. Chub rub happens when your thighs rub together, leaving your skin raw and red. Without a fabric barrier to prevent the friction, dresses and skirts can bring out unwanted rubbing – leaving you in pain for days. At Zone Naturals, we believe that you should always wear what you want. So, before you trade in your cute dresses and skirts, check out this easy way to prevent chub rub in dresses. 

Zone Naturals offers Chub Rub® Formula, an all-natural formulation designed to protect against chub rub. Our anti-chafing stick is made from nourishing aloe, coconut oil and other organic ingredients to keep skin feeling great for hours at a time. It goes on clear and doesn’t leave any residue so you can wear it worry-free with all dress styles and fabrics. Best of all, using it couldn’t be easier – simply swipe along your inner thighs, or anywhere else your skin rubs together, and enjoy happy skin in any outfit.

 Let’s rock those dresses and skirts worry-free! Shop Chub Rub® Formula at or our Zone Naturals Shopify storefront, and get rid of painful thigh rub chafing with our 100% natural anti-chafe stick.