How to Prevent Chub Rub and Chafing at the Beach

There’s only one thing that’s more annoying than bringing home sand in your hair, car and clothes after a day at the beach – and that’s taking home chub rub. Chub rub, the painful rash that you get when your thighs rub together, is a common ailment when we wear swimsuits, shorts and other beach attire. So, if you’re one of the many who are wondering how to prevent chub rub at the beach, read on.

Zone Naturals offers Chub Rub® Formula, an all-natural formulation designed to protect against chub rub and prevent chafing from putting a damper on your summer plans. It’s crafted with nourishing aloe, shea butter and other organic ingredients to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Best of all, using it couldn’t be easier – simply swipe along your inner thighs, or anywhere else your skin rubs together, and enjoy happy skin all summer long.


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