Chub Rub Featured In Bustle - "Chub Rub is made with thigh rubbing in mind."

Chub Rub, the all natural anti chafing stick from Zone Naturals was recently featured in Bustle as a great solution to prevent chafing.  


How To Prevent Chafing In Just A Few Easy Steps

The team at Bustle featured Chub Rub in the August issue as a leading alternative to help prevent chafing, chafe, thigh rub and chub rub.  "Applying an anti-chafe stick balm is another excellent lubrication method for reducing friction. ChubRub is mad with Thigh Rubbing in mind." said the editors at Bustle.

Bustle is a leading online media publication with over 46 million viewers and often discusses the best in class beauty products in the market.  

Zone Naturals is a brand focused on natural skin care for ladies. The flagship product Chub Rub continues to get positive reviews and recommendations from customers and media on a regular basis.